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With Voozzle, you receive your voicemails on your iPhone or Android smartphone. This app makes it easy to listen to them and manage them.

  • View, listen to and manage your voicemails (visual voicemail)
  • Easy to reply and send texts
  • Share voicemails by email
  • Save voicemails for as long as you like
  • No more need to make tedious calls

Download the app and experience the amazing convenience of visual voicemail within minutes!

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Visual Voicemail
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Voozzle finally offers a solution to people who want visual voicemail on their iPhones or Android smartphones.

Voozzle is available to users subscribed to the major providers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Three and O2.

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What do I have to do?

  1. Install Voozzle for iPhone or Android
  2. Initiate the app and follow the registration instructions
  3. Activate Voozzle

at last.


Worth knowing:

  • Your voicemails are retrieved via the internet and are saved to your phone. Once you’ve listened to them, they will always be available – even when your phone is out of signal range.
  • When you use Voozzle, you can save on your outgoing call minutes (because you don’t have to call to listen to voicemails). However, your mobile provider might charge varying rates for the necessary connection to the voicemail server. You can check these rates on your provider’s website. We think it’s a shame that certain providers don’t include these connections in their bundles and thereby seem to be resisting this new type of service. Ask your provider for the exact charges and then make your choice. We cannot be held liable for charges levied by providers or for their method of communicating them.
  • Your provider can charge you when you exceed your data limit, when you use data roaming abroad or when you exceed your bundle limit.
  • You can listen to voicemails whenever you like.
  • Once you’ve installed the app, you will be asked to create an account so that your phone can contact the Voozzle server.
  • Some telecom providers won't allow phone forwarding, that means that you can't use Voozzle. To be sure please check at your telecom provider if they allow phone forwarding before using the Voozzle app.
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Frequently asked questions

  • I can’t find Voozzle in my contacts. Is that right?
    • Voozzle details aren’t automatically added to the phonebooks of certain users. If this has happened in your case, check your confirmation email. It will explain what to do next.

      We apologise for any inconvenience and will attempt to solve the problem as soon as possible.

  • What are the phone requirements?
    • Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later models
    • Compatible with iOS5 and later versions
    • Compatible with Android 6 and later versions
    • Will not work with prepaid sim cards
  • How do I switch from my current voicemail to Voozzle?
    • Within a few minutes the switch will be done and you can enjoy the convenience of visual voicemail.

      1. Install Voozzle for iPhone or Android
      2. Initiate the app and follow the registration instructions
      3. Activate Voozzle
    • When you activate Voozzle, your phone won’t connect to your provider’s voicemail (anymore), but to the Voozzle voicemail server. It’s also very easy to deactivate Voozzle fully or temporarily at a later stage.

  • How does the app work abroad?
    • Voozzle works abroad just like it does in the UK. Remember that Voozzle uses an internet connection.

      If your data roaming is deactivated, you won’t have any mobile internet when abroad, and you’ll only receive your voicemails when you connect to the internet by Wi-Fi / hotspot or when you return to your UK network. If you like, you can also use the old fashioned ‘dialup’ method. The number to use can be found under ‘voicemail’ in the Voozzle contact in your phonebook.

      Charges for using Voozzle abroad depend on your provider and your subscription. In most cases, you’ll pay for receiving a phone call abroad, as well as for the redirection of the call to the Voozzle server in the UK. You’ll pay charges regulated by the European Union or international rates as indicated by your provider.

  • How can this service be free of charge?
    • Voozzle receives a fee from the outgoing call operator for every call to the voicemail server. It applies to all calls from one operator to another made in the UK, so it also applies to calls to our voicemail server. As a user, you are not affected by these charges, because this process takes place between operators only.

  • What is the maximum number of voicemails that I can save?
    • With Voozzle, you can save a (virtually) unlimited number of voicemails to your iPhone or Android. We currently store a maximum of 30 voicemails on our servers.

      If you logout (e.g. when you upgrade to a new iPhone or Android phone), your voicemails will be deleted from your phone. When you log back in at a later stage, you’ll only receive the voicemails stored on the server.

      However, you can still save your voicemails by using the app to email them to yourself.

  • What is the maximum permitted length of a voicemail?
    • Currently, the maximum length per voicemail is 2 minutes.

  • I do not receive notifications when I receive new voicemails. I have to open the app before seeing them.
    • When one or more new voicemails arrive at your inbox, you should receive a push notification and it should show a little indicator with the number of new voicemails on the app's icon. If this does not happen, please check your phone settings if it allows receiving push notifications for Voozzle. Alternatively, you could try to logout, remove the app completely and install it again.

  • How many times will my phone ring before the voicemail server is activated?
    • That depends on your mobile provider, though you can assume that it will ring 4-5 times before the caller is redirected to your voicemail.

  • How do I record my own welcome message?
    • Recording your welcome message is simple and self-explanatory. Touch ‘Voicemail settings’ under ‘Settings’ in the app. Then touch the microphone icon and record your message. Touch again to end the recording.

      You can then choose to save your message, to listen to it or to re-record it.

  • How do I change my password?
    • If you’d like to change your password or have forgotten it, you can set a new password. Your password can easily be changed on this page.

  • For how long are voicemails stored on the Voozzle server?
    • Your 30 latest voicemails are stored on the server. If no voicemails are recorded for longer than three months, we will assume that you’re not using Voozzle anymore and your voicemails will automatically be deleted from the server.

      However, your voicemails will stay on your phone unless you log out (e.g. when you upgrade to a new iPhone). Your voicemails will then be deleted from your phone.

      However, you can still save your voicemails by using the app to email them to yourself.

  • How does Voozzle handle my privacy?
    • We guarantee the privacy of users and do not make any user details available to third parties.

      However, for technical reasons it is necessary to create an account to personally link the Voozzle voicemail system to you. This is why we request your name and email address. Your mobile phone number is also added to our database.

      Incoming voicemails are handled by a telecom operator that complies with the legal conditions for the protection of privacy.

  • I am going on a world trip and will not use Voozzle for a while. Will my account still be available when I come back?
    • Your account and data are automatically deleted after 6 months of inactivity. After deletion, they can not be restored.

  • How do I stop using Voozzle?
    • You can stop using Voozzle at any time and you aren’t bound by a subscription or fixed contract period. By selecting the ‘delete’ option under ‘Voozzle connections’ in your phonebook, the automatic connection to Voozzle voicemail will be terminated. Your provider will automatically confirm this.

      If you’d like to use your provider’s voicemail service, it can usually be activated by calling 1233 or by consulting your provider’s website.

Is your question not listed here?

Is the answer to your question not included in our frequently asked questions? Or do you have any suggestions for possible improvements to Voozzle?

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